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Every day, Facebook is used by millions of people to communicate with friends and family.

But what many people don’t know is that Facebook can also be a powerful business tool to showcase products or services by running Facebook Ads campaigns.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to add payment methods on Facebook Business Manager so you can start selling products and services online. Let’s get started!

Only admins or finance editors can make changes to payment methods connected to a Business Manager. Learn more about different roles for users in Business Manager.

Add Payment Method

  1. Open Business Settings.
  2. Click Payments.
  3. Click + Add.
  4. Enter your payment information.
  5. Click Continue, then follow the instructions to add your payment method.

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We hope it helped you learn how to add or manage your payment methods on Facebook Business Manager! If you have any questions, please contact us or pop in to our chat support between 9 AM to 3 PM Eastern Time and we’ll be happy to assist.

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